e-kagaku-sat プロジェクトは、一般社団法人 e-kagaku国際科学教育協会が運営しています。
e-kagaku-sat プロジェクトは、この目的を遂行するため、ボランティアメンバーによって行われる活動の総称です。

The e-kagaku-sat project is managed by the The e-kagaku Association of Global Science and Education.
The Association aims to create a society where anyone can learn science anytime and anywhere, and to develop human resources who can play an active role in the real world. In order to achieve this goal we encourage the development, dissemination, and operation of space industry technology among children throughout Japan, regardless of their age or location of activity.
The e-kagaku-sat project is the collective name for activities carried out by volunteer members to accomplish this objective.
Among the members of e-kagaku, we have a group of members who are particularly interested in space technology. We continue to challenge ourselves in various fields beyond the boundaries of our usual studies.